Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011


A dozen of Great Britain’s bravest aquatics stars have bared all for an iconic naked photo shoot.
The 12 women - six swimmers, three divers, two water polo players and a synchronised swimmer – revealed all for award-winning sports photographer Andy Hooper with the image printed in the Daily Mail today (4th March).
Commonwealth medallist Georgia Davies admitted she had her doubts about baring all and that even the fittest swimmers have their insecurities.
"When I first heard I was shocked as I've never been asked to do anything like this before but it sounded fun so why not," said Davies.
"Everyone has their hang-ups but I am proud of my physique - we do much training so I do have a toned body.
"Our nutritionist sends us weekly recipes so we know what we can and can't eat but it's a balanced diet. We do eat cakes occasionally!
"I don't deprive myself of anything but knowing when to stop is important."

1. Monique Gladding, 2. Sophie Casson, 3. Stephanie Millward, 4. Brooke Graddon, 5. Stacey Tadd, 6. Lisa Gibson, 7. Robyn Nicholls, 8. Katie Dawkins, 9. Rachel Lefley, 10. Amy Smith, 11. Tonia Couch, 12. Georgia Davies.
Water polo player Lisa Gibson agreed that the photo shoot was a great chance to show the positive affects of her swimming training.
"It is a good message to get out there that we are all healthy and train hard," said Gibson.
"If I don't train I put weight on so swimming is important to keep me lean and toned.
"I'm confident with who I am but as always there are things I'd like to change." (

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