Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

15th FINA World Championships 2013: Pure adrenalin in the port of Barcelona!

AKUATIK INDONESIA, After many months of expectation, the first competition of High Diving in the history of the FINA World Championships finally took place today at the Moll de la Fusta, in Barcelona (ESP). Thirteen of the most experienced and successful athletes of the world took the plunge of the 27m platform, constructed for this special occasion in the port of the Catalan capital, where the open water events were also held in the first week of FINA’s major showcase.

In this historical moment, the first two rounds of dives (this men’s final will be concluded on July 31, with three more rounds), were an impressive display of courage, talent and determination. The event was witnessed by many thousands of spectators, who amassed in this beautiful scenario to admire one of the most spectacular sport challenging disciplines in the world.

When the first diver executed his DD 3.8 dive – in these first two rounds, the inaugural combination was limited to a DD of 3.8, while the second attempt could not go higher than a DD of 4.1 –, the crowd enthusiastically applauded Jorge Ferzuli, whose name will remain in the history books as the first of the first at a FINA World Championships.

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