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Chinese diving queen Guo Jingjing retires

Guo Jingjing dan Wu Minxua
MAJALAH AKUATIK INDONESIA. Chinese diving queen Guo Jingjing has decided to retire to end the speculation over the past one year on her future at the national team. National diving team leader Zhou Jihong told Xinhua on Sunday that the Olympic and world champion diver had submitted her application for retirement.

"She already made it clear that she would not train and compete any more, so she will not appear in the London Games," Zhou said. 

"After one-year consideration, Guo decides to retire. We understand and respect her decision. She is no more a member of the national team from now on, " Zhou continued.

This is the first time that the national team confirmed Guo's retirement. After the Beijing Olympic Games, Guo has become the center of speculation as what she will do next. Her last major event was the 2009 East Asian Games held in Hong Kong when she competed in the synchro springboard.

Guo, 29, told The Bund, a magazine based in Shanghai, a couple of days ago that she has no plan for the London Olympic Games.

"I think I have fulfilled my task, so the London Games is not what I have in mind now. The chances should be left to other young talents in the team," Guo said.

Guo's retirement marked the end of an era during which she set an almost unbeatable record of four Olympic gold medals, five consecutive victories in both the individual and synchronised 3m springboard at the FINA World Championships and 17 FINA World Cup titles.

She is not just a phenomenon on the springboard, but also an eye-catching figure off the venue with her good looks and seven-year romance with Kenneth Fok, son of Hong Kong Olympic Committee president and tycoon Timothy Tsun-Ting Fok. It has been reported that Guo will get married this year.  (Xin Zhou, FINA Press Correspondent in China)

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