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World Cup, Dubai: Chad Le Clos Gains Lion's Share of Money

South Africa's Chad Le Clos definitely proved to be the star of the show throughout the two days, going six-for-six in gold medal opportunities to finish the weekend $9,000 richer. Germany's Marco Koch had a strong weekend as well with three golds and a bronze en route to $5,000, while Austria's Dinko Jukic proved consistent with four silvers on his way to $4,000. Italy's Samuel Pizzetti took advantage of the distance strokes with two golds and a silver for $4,000 of his own. 

For the women, a pair of swimmers broke into the $5,000 range. Sweden's Petra Granlund finished the meet with $5,500, while Ukraine's Daryna Zevina earned $5,000. China's Liu Xiaoyu and The Netherlands' Ranomi Kromowidjojo tied for third in the earnings category with $4,000 each. 

While swimmers are vying for individual event winnings, the overall grand prize for the seven-meet circuit is $100,000 for both the men and the women. Second place overall earns $50,000, while third place cashes in $30,000. The total sum distributed is $360,000 for grand prize winners, while $102,000 is available at each meet. 

Men's 1500 free 
During prelims, Italy's Samuel Pizzetti captured the distance freestyle event for the day with a 14:56.85 in the metric mile. That swim gave him $3,000 for the weekend thus far, while Ukraine's Sergii Frolov finished second in 15:04.49 for move to $1,500 for the weekend. Italy's Federico Colbertaldo cashed his first check of the weekend with $500 for third-place honors when he touched in 15:19.21. 

Women's 100 free 
In another head-to-head Dutch duel, Ranomi Kromowidjojo topped Marleen Veldhuis, 52.88 to 53.97, after taking second in the 50 free yesterday. Kromowidjojo moved to the top of the early season rankings, well ahead of Marieke Guehrer's 53.32 from July. Hong Kong's Sze Hang Yu took third in 54.27. 

China's Wang Shijia (54.40), Germany's Dorothea Brandt (54.66), Sweden's Petra Granlund (54.77), China's Li Yue (54.92) and Sweden's Louise Hansson (55.01) finished fourth through eighth, and out of the money. 

Men's 200 free 
Hong Kong's David Wong Kai Wai clipped Italy's Samuel Pizzetti, 1:46.70 to 1:46.73, for the top prize in the event, and his first win of the World Cup series. While Kai Wai improved to $2,000 for the meet thus far, Pizzetti added $2,500 so far tonight to move to $4,000 overall this weekend. Sweden's Gustav Lejdstroem cashed his second check of the weekend with a third-place 1:47.16. 

UAE's Velimir Stjepanovic (1:47.24), Sweden's Kristian Kron (1:49.27), UAE's Tiago Ferrao (1:50.73), Russia's Semen Makovich (1:52.18) and Russia's Andrey Tambovskiy (1:54.81) also competed in the finale. 

Women's 50 breast 
China's Liu Xiaoyu won her second gold of the meet with a 30.52 to capture the sprint breaststroke event. That swim pushed her to $3,000 for the weekend thus far. Russia's Yuliya Efimova clocked a second-place 30.75 for her second check of the weekend - $1,500 overall. Meanwhile, Sweden's Rebecca Ejdervik clocked a 31.20 for second to earn her first cash of the weekend. 

Germany's Dorothea Brandt (31.60), China's Fan Rong (31.64), Germany's Caroline Ruhnau (31.65) and Pakistan's Lianna Swan (36.01) also swam for the title. 

Men's 100 breast 
Germany's Marco Koch became the first man to crack the $5,000 mark this weekend, with his third gold medal, along with a bronze yesterday. Koch won the race in 59.07 to cash a $1,500 check for the event. Japan's Yuma Kosaka placed second in 1:00.13 to move to $1,500 for the weekend, while USA's Nelson Westby finished third in 1:00.34 for $1,500 total for the weekend as well. 

UAE's Mubarak Al-Besher (1:02.22), Syria's Azad Al-Barazi (1:02.53), India's Jayaprakash Agnishwar (1:03.25) and Singapore's Jinyang Joel Tan (1:05.03) finished fourth through seventh, while South Africa's Giulio Zorzi drew a disqualification. 

Women's 400 IM 
Japan's Izumi Kato claimed her second first-place check of the weekend to move her tally to $3,000 with a winning time of 4:34.52. Czech's Barbora Zavadova, meanwhile, finished second in the distance medley with a 4:36.84 for $2,500 overall, while Slovenia's Spela Bohinc captured third in 5:00.52. Bohinc now has $2,000 in the bank. 

UAE's Anouque Berghuis (5:14.71), Hannah Taleb (5:29.93) and Sarah Duncan (5:31.72) also swam in the finale. 

Men's 100 fly 
South Africa's Chad Le Clos, the big winner from day one with three golds, put on a show with a stunning closing 25 meters for his fourth title with a 50.66. With Le Clos' victory, he moved ahead of Marco Koch for the overall money lead with $6,000 for the weekend. Russia's Evgeny Korotyshkin, who led for the bulk of the race, but could not hold off a hard-charging Le Clos, finished second in 51.14 to push his cash tally to $2,500. 

Kenya's Jason Dunford, who lost out on $1,500 yesterday with a disqualification in the 50 fly after touching first in the sprint, finished third with a 51.70. Dunford now has $2,000 for the weekend. 

UAE's Velimir Stjepanovic (53.97), Russia's Andrey Tambovskiy (54.03), Russia's Alexander Kudashev (55.26), Syria's Rami Anis (55.81) and Syria's Ayman Klzie (56.62) comprised the rest of the finale. 

Women's 100 back 
Ukraine's Daryna Zevina cruised to victory in the event with a victorious time of 58.18, giving her a pair of golds and a silver on the weekend – good for $4,000 in cash winning so far. Japan's Miyuki Takemura finished second in 58.75 to move her total to $2,500 for the weekend, while Czech's Simona Baumrtova claimed third in 59.94 for her third medal and $2,000 overall. 

UAE's Gabriella Austin (1:06.43), Charlotte Lechner (1:08.85), Jenny Balac (1:10.86) and Rhea Castelino (1:11.96) competed for the title along with the three medalists. 

Men's 50 back 
Japan's Masafumi Yamaguchi smoked the field in the sprint back with a 24.17 for the win – his second of the weekend pushing his cash tally $3,000. A pair of newcomers to the podium this weekend took second and third. Sweden's Kristian Kron cashed a $1,000 check with a second-place 25.99, while UAE's Mohammed Humaid Al Ghaferi took third in 26.08 for $500. 

Russia's Evgeny Korotyshkin (26.16), UAE's Kevin Riazanov (26.82), UAE's Gene Laurence (26.99) and Syria's Ayman Klzie (27.95) touched fourth through seventh, while Brazil's Nelson Silva Jr. drew a disqualification. 

Women's 200 fly 
Sweden's Petra Granlund earned her first gold medal, but fourth medal overall, this weekend with a 2:09.71. That performance improved her winnings total to $4,000 for the weekend thus far. Ukraine's Daryna Zevina became the first woman to reach the $5,000 mark this weekend with a second-place time of 2:13.57. Zevina has two golds and two silvers this weekend for $5,000 overall - $2,500 each day. Slovenia's Spela Bohinc earned third in 2:16.67 for her second bronze of the day, and moved to $2,500 overall. 

UAE's Anouque Berghuis missed cashing out with a fourth-place 2:32.56, while China's Wang Junyao was disqualified, missing a chance to add to her $2,000 tally thus far. 

Men's 200 IM 
South Africa's Chad Le Clos is looking to make a serious run at Randall Bal's epic 21-for-21 World Cup outing from a few years back, as Le Clos has now made it five-for-five with his fifth gold medal. Le Clos closed out Austria's Dinko Jukic on the final length of the pool yet again, to win in 1:55.14. That swim gave him a whopping $7,500 for the weekend, and $3,000 for the day thus far. 

Jukic, meanwhile, finished second in 1:56.10, and has amassed $4,000 already this weekend. Japan's Yuma Kosaka rounded out the cash slots with a third-place 1:56.93 to move to $2,000 overall in Dubai. 

Japan's Masafumi Yamaguchi (2:01.09), Russia's Semen Makovich (2:01.14), Ukraine's Maksym Shemberev (2:01.81), UAE's Obaid Al Jasmi (2:06.08) and India's Jayaprakash Agnishwar (2:06.31) also made the finale. 

Women's 400 free 
In another sparsely filled event, Sweden's Petra Granlund took advantage of the chance for some easy money with a 4:15.53 for the win. That gave her $3,000 for the day with a pair of wins, and $5,500 for the weekend thus far, moving into the cash lead for the moment. Slovenia's Tanja Smid took second in 4:17.72 for her second silver of the weekend – equaling $2,000 in cash. Teammate Spela Bohinc finished third in 4:21.93 for her third bronze of the day. Bohinc now has $3,000 for the weekend. 

UAE's Anouque Berghuis (4:37.22) and Rhea Castelino (4:52.56) were the other two swimmers to compete in the finale. 

Men's 50 free 
The men's splash-and-dash produced the first tie of the weekend as Hungary's Krisztian Takacs and Kenya's Jason Dunford posted matching times of 21.78 for gold. The shared win gave Dunford $3,250 for the weekend, while Takacs now has $2,250 in his coffers with his effort. Ukraine's Andrii Govorov earned third-place honors with a 21.93 for $2,000 total for the weekend. 

UAE's Velimir Stjepanovic (22.82), UAE's Tiago Ferrao (22.91), Kenya's Ramadhan Vyombo (23.80), UAE's Kevin Riazanov (23.86) and UAE's Obaid Al Jasmi (24.23) were the rest of the championship qualifiers. 

Women's 200 breast 
The Chinese dominated the distance breaststroke event with a medal-stand sweep. Fan Rong won the gold in 2:22.58 for $2,500 overall, while Liu Xiaoyu finished second in 2:23.69 for $4,000 overall this weekend. Wu Yuele was the newest first-time moneywinner of the weekend with a third-place 2:23.91 for $500 to complete the Chinese sweep. 

Germany's Caroline Ruhnau (2:29.09), Czech's Barbora Zavadova (2:31.90), Slovenia's Tanja Smid (2:35.58), Pakistan's Lianna Swan (2:51.13) and UAE's Hannah Taleb (2:51.47) placed fourth through eighth to complete the finale. 

Women's 100 IM 
Hong Kong's Sze Hang Yu continued a profitable day of competition with a winning 1:01.53. That swim pushed her to $2,000 for the evening, and $2,500 for the meet. Sweden's Louise Hansson finished second in 1:01.66, just missing out on the big check, settling for $1,000 and $1,500 for the weekend. Russia's Yuliya Efimova picked up third-place money with a 1:02.05 for $2,000 overall. 

Czech's Simona Baumrtova (1:02.37), Singapore's Jing Wen Tao (1:08.31), UAE's Gabriella Austin (1:10.46) and Pakistan's Lianna Swan (1:13.48) rounded out the rest of the finale. 

Men's 200 back 
South Africa's Chad Le Clos closed out a dominant two days of competition in convincing fashion with a sterling final 25 meters in the distance dorsal. Le Clos concluded the meet with a winning time of 1:55.95. That swim gave him $4,500 for the day, and his six-for-six effort pushed him to a grand total of $9,000 in just two days of work. He is well on his way to giving Randall Bal's 21-for-21 performance a scare. 

Brazil's Nelson Silva Jr. finished second in 1:58.37, improving to $2,000 for the weekend, while Sweden's Kristian Kron placed third in 1:58.41 for $1,500 on the day, and $1,500 in sum through the weekend after being blocked from the money on day one. 

UAE's Alistair Allan (2:12.33), India's Babu Pranam (2:13.55), UAE's Simon Chivers (2:14.35) and UAE's Kayan Bharucha (2:20.06) placed fourth through seventh, while UAE's Ibrahim Al Hammadi scratched. 

Women's 50 fly 
The Netherlands' Ranomi Kromowidjojo won her second event of the day with a 26.08 in the sprint fly. That gave her $4,000 in just two days of work. Hong Kong's Sze Hang Yu finished with a medal brace that included a gold, silver and bronze on the second day of swimming. Added to her bronze from day one, Hang Yu concluded her weekend with $3,500 in winnings. Sweden's Louise Hansson picked up third in 27.05 for $2,000 overall. 

The Netherlands' Marleen Veldhuis (27.65), Sweden's Celine Bertrand (27.71), UAE's Gwen Van Beek (29.18), UAE's Catilin Benstead (30.38) and Pakistan's Lianna Swan (32.26) completed the final swim of the weekend

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