Senin, 21 November 2011

Open Water makes debut at South-East Asian Games

Open water was part of the competition programme for the first time in 52 years at the 26th South-East Asian Games. The event is organised from November 17-19, 2011 on Putri Island one of the Thousands Islands around ‘Seribu’ archipelago in Indonesia, 17km from the Capital of Jakarta. 

Air and water temperatures were around 30˚C and 28˚C, respectively. The competition was entered by four countries: Indonesia as host, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. There were events of 5km and 10km for both men and and women.

The competition started with the 5km race on November 17 at Putri Island, entered by 12 swimmers in all. Chau, Ba Anh Tu from Vietnam took out the men's event, followed by Ricky Angga Wijaya from Indonesia while Singapore swimmer Brandon Boon placed third. The remaining competitors were Arnoczy Kusadewa Pratama (INA), Kenneth Lim (SIN) and Truong Giang Phan (VIE).

Among women, Heidi Gan from Malaysia finished in first place, followed by Thi Ngoc Bich Nguyen from Vietnam and Yessy V. Yosaputra from Indonesia. Rania Saumi G. (INA), Chelsea Fuch (SIN) and Thi Ngoc Yen Nguyen (VIE) also took part in the race.

5km Putra
1. Ba Anh Tu Chau (VIE), 1:07:02.529
2. Ricky Angga Wijaya (INA), 1:09:58.563
3. Brandon Boon (SIN), 1:10:02.923
4. Arnoczy Kusadewa Pratama (INA), 1:10:27.537
5. Kenneth Lim (SIN), 1:11:01.198
6. Truong Giang (Phan VIE), 1:11:11.429 (DQ)

5km Putri
1. Gan, Heidi (MAS), 1:11:47.454
2. Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Bich (VIE), 1:13:45.031
3. Yosapura, Yessy V (INA), 1:15:19.323
4. Saumi G, Rania (INA), 1:15:24.069
5. Fuch, Chelsea (SIN), 1:19:28.829
6. Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Yen (DNF)

10km putra:
1. BA ANH TU CHAU (Vietnam) 02:14:32:94
2. RICKY ANGGA WIJAYA (Indonesia) 02:14:41:59
3. KEVIN YEAP SOON C (Malaysia) 02:15:29:80
4. VERNON LEE JEAU ZH (Malaysia) 02:15:32:47
5. BRANDON BOON (Singapore) 02:15:34:57
6. SATRIO BAGASKARA G (Indonesia) 02:16:08:41

10km putri:

1. HEIDI GAN (Malaysia) 02:20:26:70
2.  THI NGOC YEN N. (Vietnam) 02:34:59:61
3.  YESSY V YOSAPUTRA (Indonesia) 02:38:47:39
4. ANISSA FABIOLA (Indonesia) 02:42:39:39

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