Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Saudi Arabia wins third edition at home

The team of Saudi Arabia won the third edition of the FINA Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy that was held in Dammam (KSA) on April 23-29, 2011. After finishing first in the respective group of the preliminary round, the local team beat in the decisive match of the tournament Iran by 7-6 (after a penalty shootout). The third place went to Kuwait, easy winner of Chile by 13-5.
The participating teams in this third edition were: Algeria, Chile, Iran, Kuwait, Morocco, Netherlands Antilles, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Tunisia.
In the first two editions of this competitions – with the participation of national squads normally not present at major international events -, held in 2007 and 2009 in Kuwait City (KUW), the winners were respectively Colombia and Kuwait.

1.      Saudi Arabia
2.      Iran
3.      Kuwait
4.      Chili
5.      Trinidad & Tobago
6.      Singapura
7.      Tunisia
8.      Peru
9.      Belanda
10.  Maroko
11.  Algazair

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